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“Do not feel I could have found a better lawyer in California. Jim worked hard and got Felony DUI charges for DUI on Prescription Drugs reduced to an infraction. Other lawyers commented in court that they were astounded with what he did. PI he had me hire was Fred Krasko. Ex cop and ex DEA Agent, retired from both. Jim stacked the experts and the DA in Riverside realized he would spend a ton to go to court. I was willing to do so, but the DA offered me the infraction of running a red light, all other charges dropped. $205 was my fine.”


Felony DUI on Prescription Drugs

“I know that for a fact Mr. Crawford is one of the best attorneys I have ever come across. My son was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 15 years. Mr. Crawford got him out. He did a great job and went beyond the call of duty. I am forever grateful.”

Tricia Salgado

Son was Wrongfully Convicted

“I was wrongfully convicted of a violent felony. In total despair, I had given up all hope. Then my cousin told me about James M. Crawford. He helped me file an appeal and won the case! He saved my hide. This guy is something else in the court room. He stood his ground and fought for me. He really cared, and now I’m a free man – rightfully so. Thank you Mr. Crawford!”


Wrongfully Convicted

Wrongfully Convicted?

Mr. Crawford will be able to evaluate your cases and circumstances and provide you with a valid assessment of the situation so that you can feel confident making decisions moving forward. Attorney Crawford firmly believes in a person’s right to a fair trial by a competent attorney who will represent them to the best of his ability. No matter what type of charges you or your loved one is facing, he knows that a strong criminal defense is a critical check against the misuse of government power.

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