California's "car culture" is decades old, which makes our driver's licenses precious to us. When those driving privileges are endangered by one or more stops for suspicion of drunk driving, only the most experienced DUI defense representation can increase your chances for reinstating a suspended or revoked license.

The skillful criminal defense attorney who guides you through the legal system, and advocates for your opportunity to continue driving in Orange County, is James M Crawford.

At the Law Offices of James M. Crawford in Orange, we have the lawyer, the support staff and tradition of personal service that can make a difference in your drunk driving and license revocation case. We carefully examine police reports and discredit law enforcement procedures when it oversteps its bounds. We find facts and use them effectively on your behalf at administrative hearings. And we assert the many ways that erratic driving can be misinterpreted as drunk driving by police.

Legal Guidance You Need, Personal Service You Deserve After A DUI Stop

Are you suspected in an alcohol-related traffic accident that caused serious injuries or fatalities, and the potential of a vehicular manslaughter charge? Was your teenaged minor child arrested for underage drinking while driving? Did you refuse a breath test at the arrest scene?

The DUI/DWI defense lawyer who can handle your first-time and repeat offenses is James M. Crawford. Start benefiting from Mr. Crawford's almost 25 years of experience by contacting us for an initial consultation. We are available by phone at (714) 453-4583 and by email message at our website.