Bringing a client's case to an appeals court is a kind of litigation animal all its own. The successful appellate advocate will be a thorough researcher and case preparer, insightful writer and eloquent presenter of arguments before justices.

This is the kind of full-service representation that your criminal appeal receives at the Law Offices of James M. Crawford in Orange.

We are proud of our record of participation before appellate panels. This track record of positive results is a highlight of James M. Crawford's almost 25 years of experience as a state and federal appeals attorney.

More Than 600 Appeals Handled In Southern California State And Federal Courts

Appeals can be generated for a variety of reasons. Clients who are discouraged by a prior trial outcome may find out that they received inadequate or incompetent representation. Judicial error could have played a role. New evidence might have come to light that supports a defendant's claims of innocence.

Whatever the circumstances or grounds for the appeal you are contemplating, your wishes and goals are respected at our Orange County appeals and criminal defense law firm. We go the extra mile to achieve justice for those we represent. As a matter of fact, an appeal is the extra mile in your journey to vindication. Our lawyer welcomes the opportunity to undertake that journey alongside you.

Are you considering appealing a criminal sentence? Your opportunity to discuss your appeals plans at length and in confidence is your initial consultation with the Law Offices of James M. Crawford. You can reach us by phone right now at (714) 453-4583 or by remaining at our website to send an email message.