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Vigor And Versatility In The Practice Of Criminal Law

James M. Crawford's varied menu of effective criminal defense legal services runs the gamut of financial, drug, violent and juvenile crimes, and many more. Whatever your legal issue, you reap the benefits of our firm's trademark case preparation and aggressiveness at trial.

Were You Pulled Over By Police For The Wrong Reasons?

If your erratic driving caused by stormy weather, bad roads or engine malfunction was mistaken for drunk driving by law enforcement — we're here to help. We know how precious your driver's license is to you, and fight hard to prevent its suspension or revocation.

James M. Crawford Wants To Hear Your Side Of The Story

The only place that conversation can happen is at our law offices, during your initial consultation. We discuss your legal issues candidly and confidentially, with an eye to mapping a course of action that could put your crisis behind you. Reach us today by phone or email.