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Ambien Zombies

  • An estimated 70-million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, and many turn to prescription drugs for relief. Controversy is mounting over the most popular prescription sleeping aid, Ambien. More and more users claim they're sleepwalking or blacking out while driving... sometimes with fatal results. Read Full Story



Articles about James Crawford in the La Times

Citing Inmate's Interview, Lopez Seeks Freedom

  • Attorneys for a Garden Grove man convicted of robbing a loan office filed court papers Wednesday seeking their client's immediate release from prison, citing a newspaper interview in which another man confessed to
    the crime. Read Article

Inmate Says He, Not Pal, Robbed Loan Office

  • A convicted robber said in a prison interview this week that he was the gunman who held up an Anaheim loan office in 1999, not the young man serving 13 years for the crime. Read Article

Is D.A.'s Handling of Lopez a Carmona Copy?

  • George Lopez doesn't know Arthur Carmona, but the two could find a lot to talk about.
    Lopez, now 19, was sentenced in February 2000 to 13 years in prison for the May 1999 robbery of an Anaheim commercial-loan business. Prosecutors allege that Lopez brandished a sawed-off shotgun while he
    and another man robbed the office. Read Article

Judge Clears Man Who Spent 2 Years in Jail

  • A judge on Friday dismissed charges against a man who spent two years
    in custody for a robbery authorities now believe someone else committed--prompting a candidate for Orange County district attorney to propose an examination of recent wrongful convictions. Read Article

Judge Frees O.C. Inmate While Conviction Tested

  • A judge on Friday ordered a Garden Grove man released from prison until he decides whether to overturn a robbery conviction that has kept the defendant behind bars for nearly two years. Read Article

Judge Won't Free Jailed Man Before His Appeal

  • A judge refused Friday to release a Garden Grove man from prison while his appeal on a robbery conviction is heard, but agreed to consider his claims of innocence next month. Read Article

Juror Says Deliberations Improper

  • A juror who voted to convict a Garden Grove man of armed robbery last year now says the jury improperly considered the man's decision not to testify. Read Article

Lopez's Conviction Is Just, D.A. says

  • Orange County prosecutors contended in court papers Friday that a Garden Grove teen was properly convicted of a 1999 robbery, despite another man's claim that he, not the teen, committed the crime. Read Article


Prosecutors Ask Judge to Clear Lopez

  • Orange County prosecutors on Tuesday asked a judge to dismiss all charges against a man who spent two years in prison for a robbery
    officials now believe was probably committed by another man. Read Article

Prosecutors Oppose Lopez's Appeal

  • State prosecutors Friday filed court papers opposing a Garden Grove teenager's appeal of a robbery conviction that has come under attack by his alleged victims. Read Article

Teen Granted Appeal in Robbery Conviction

  • In a legal victory for a Garden Grove teen who insists he was wrongly convicted of robbery, an Orange County appeals court ruled Tuesday that his request for a new trial appears to have merit and should be heard by a trial judge. Read Article

Teen Implicated--Again--in Robbery

  • A Garden Grove teenager who claims he was wrongly convicted of a 1999 robbery--and has his alleged victims advocating his release-- has been implicated anew by a man who recently pleaded guilty to planning the holdup of the Anaheim loan office. Read Article

The Anguish and Joy That Only Another Mother Could Feel

  • As life's great moments sometimes do, the one on Friday caught Tricia Lopez by surprise. "My guard was up. I was not thinking positive," she
    would say later. Read Article

Victims: He Didn't Do It

  • Lawyers seeking a new trial for a Garden Grove teenager convicted of robbery will have some unusual ammunition: statements from two of the victims maintaining he did not commit the crime. Read Article

Doubt Inmate's Guilt; Judge Says No Bail

  • A judge on Friday refused to grant bail to a Garden Grove man convicted
    of a robbery that some witnesses now say he didn't commit. Read Article


Orange County Register articles about James Crawford

18-year-old convict is ordered released

  • A friend of George Lopez says he committed the robbery for which Lopez, who has no other record, was imprisoned. Read Article

Confession could prove man innocent

  • Courts Documents say another man admits to robbing a loan office in 1999. Read Article

Convicted robber wants out of jail during appeal

  • Attorneys for a Garden Grove man sentenced to 13 years in prison for a May 1999 robbery asked a judge Friday to release him from prison while a higher court decides whether he should receive a new trial. Read Article

Court may hear jailed man's claim

  • A Garden Grove man won a court ruling that could lead to a hearing on his claim that he did not commit a 1999 robbery for which he is imprisoned. Read Article

Court overturns killing conviction

  • The 4th District Court of Appeal on Wednesday threw out the murder conviction of an Anaheim man in the 1998 slaying of a woman and her unborn child. Read Article

D.A. doubts wrong-man defense

  • Courts Convicted robber's claims are called `groundless.' Read Article

DA wants holdup charge dropped

  • Courts Prosecutors say new evidence casts doubt on the conviction; defendant has been free pending appeal. Read Article

Garden Grove mom: Her son innocent, too

  • CRIME: After a Santa Ana man is cleared of a robbery conviction, another claim of mistaken identity is brought to light. Read Article

Governor reversed on parole

  • O.C. judge rules Schwarzenegger not supported by facts when he blocked release of man convicted of murder. Read Article

Imprisoned teen sues trial lawyer

  • Courts Suit contends negligence led to wrongful robbery conviction.
    Read Article


Inmate says he can clear convict

  • Law Man demands immunity from further prosecution before testifying; prosecutor doubts validity of his story. Read Article

Man teased with freedom as his parole is blocked

  • Remorseful killer and family wait as parole board and governor feud.
    Read Article

O.C. man wrongly convicted of heist planning a lawsuit

  • A judge officially dismisses case against George Arnulfo Lopez, who spent two years in prison. Read Article

Petition seeks to overturn verdict

  • CRIME: George Arnulfo Lopez was convicted of robbery but witnesses say they doubt he was present. Read Article


Teen stays in prison, pending hearing

  • Courts Judge says a newspaper report of another man admitting to robbery doesn't justify release yet. Read Article

James Crawford in the OC Weekly News


Hes Certain Hes Not Sure

  • Prosecutors star witness in Lopez case says he remembers the gun better than the gunman. Read Article

Let Lopez Go

  • DAs office still hasn't interviewed man who says he pulled off robbery for which George Lopez was convicted. Read Article

Two Down, One to Go

  • With Carmona and Moore free, George Lopez should be next. Read Article


  • Why Frank Eiras will get out of prison 300 years early. Read Article

Youre Guilty

  • Now a free man, Big J-Mo reveals lessons of life inside the OC criminal-justice system. Read Article


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