Criminal Law

James M. Crawford focuses his practice solely on criminal law, helping clients with their state and federal problems at all stages of the criminal law process, including:

  • Accompanying and advising clients in police or prosecutor interrogations and interviews;
  • Furthering the investigation of a client's arrest or case to reveal new and/or beneficial information;
  • Negotiating with the prosecuting attorney to obtain a reduction or dismissal of charges;
  • Representing clients in a plea bargain, probable cause hearing, other preliminary court hearings, and at trial;
  • Arguing for the most favorable penalty or sentence;
  • Filing appeals and other motions necessary to protecting a client’s rights

Criminal Charges
Individuals who are facing criminal charges should always seek the advice of a lawyer who has extensive experience handling a range of criminal law cases and who is dedicated to defending the rights of the accused. This is crucial to obtaining the best possible outcome, particularly in cases where the penalties associated with a conviction are more severe.
Criminal charges encompass both misdemeanor and felony offenses, including:


Sex offenses such as rape, child molestation, sex with a minor,

Driving under the influence, or DUI
Murder, homicide, manslaughter, and related crimes
Theft crimes
White Collar Crimes such as fraud, extortion, and embezzlement
related crimes, including possession, trafficking, and manufacturing.



Depending on the nature of the charges, a person convicted of a crime may face serious consequences including heavy fines, imprisonment, parole, and mandatory rehabilitation/counseling, among other things.


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James Crawford is one of Southern Californias most renowned criminal law attorneys.  He provides aggressive and experienced representation in all areas of criminal law, including juvenile, federal, and appellate cases.


If you have been charged with a crime, you can turn to James Crawford for the criminal law help you need. Contact Mr. Crawford today to discuss your legal options and start planning your defense.



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