If you have been arrested for DUI, you will have to deal with both the criminal justice system and the DMV.

Even for a first offense, the penalties can be serious-including license suspension, fines of almost $2,000, mandatory attendance at State or DMV Approved alcohol programs, and potential jail time. In addition, a DUI conviction stays on your DMV record for at least 10 years, and may result in higher insurance premiums.

You must contact a lawyer immediately so that the attorney can request an Admin Per Se hearing with the DMV within ten days of your arrest so that your driving privilege is not suspended.

Unlike the criminal process at Court, the DMV is a civil matter, run by the Office of Driver Safety.

The DMV hearing officer acts as both judge and prosecutor in this procedure. They are only interested in three issues:

- Did the arresting officer have reasonable cause to believe that you were driving under the influence;?

- Was the arrest lawful, and;

- Was your blood alcohol .08 % or higher at the time of driving?


A DMV hearing is won or lost based on technical issues.   Since procedures are different between the Court and the DMV, it is possible to be found guilty in the criminal case, but still win the DMV hearing. On the other hand, if you were actually acquitted in court of the DUI charge, and had previously lost your DMV hearing, you would then have the right to force the DMV to return your license and set aside their suspension.

Mr. Crawford has the knowledge and experience to secure a favorable outcome for driving under the influence charges and DMV matters, such as a dismissal altogether or a reduction to a lessor charge. reduce the time in custody or eliminate it altogether. 


James Crawford has tried numerous DUI cases as a defense attorney and has a winning record.   Mr. Crawford is a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial lawyer’s College and has extensive knowledge of the psychology behind the art of jury selection.  If you have been arrested for a DUI, you can turn to James Crawford for the DUI law help you need.

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